A garage door can make up to 25% of the frontage of your house, so making sure you have a garage door to complement your home is important in maximising its value and appeal.

Any estate agent will tell you garages add value to a property. Maximise this value through technological advances such as insulated garage doors, allowing you to easily convert your garage into a playroom, workshop, gym, home office or storeroom



Choosing the right Garage Door

Opening Mechanisms/Operations of doors

Understanding the benefits gained from the various opening mechanisms available to you can help narrow down the type of door best suited to meet you requirements

Up and Over Garage Doors

-Canopy Opening Garage Door

Up and over canopy doors are the most popular style of lifting gear in the UK with a large range of door styles and colours. This type of door is ideal for where there is limited headroom for tracks but with the advantage that automation is still available

-Retractable Opening Garage Door

An alternative lifting gear for use with up and over canopy doors, horizontal tracks are attached to the frame to guide the door open, this provides an exceptionally smooth opening and closing action. This is ideal for electric operation.

Sectional Garage Doors

Vertical opening allows for 'park right-up' convenience whilst the extension or torsion spring operation gives a super smooth opening mechanism. Enclosed moving parts and push away jionts to the panels make for finger safe operation

Roller Garage Doors

Roler doors travel vertically forming a compact coil above the opening; meaning minimum space is required both inside and out. Slimmed down versions requiring even less headroom are available for both the Thermaglide and Steel-line range.

Side Hinged

Popular traditional' operation, and ideal if there are obstructions within the garage. Excellent security and very durable construction ensure a long trouble free service.


All roller, sectional and up and over doors are designed for automation. We can automate most exiting doors. Why replace when you can upgrade. (Subject to survey)


Domestic Security Shutters

Secure window shutters for domestic application. Available in a variety of colours. Available manaul or electric

Commercial and industrial Shutters

Secure shop front shutters are available in a variety of colours. Available manaul or electric